Local High School Science Teacher Earns Practical Lab Experience as Teacher Intern

Summertime typically brings memories of hot days and relaxation, but at Torrey Pines Institute's Summer Internship Program for Teachers, local science teachers are given the opportunity to learn novel research techniques and develop working relationships with renown scientists, all while enjoying a productive learning environment in a distinguished lab setting. The program also provides experiences that aid in teacher’s curriculum development, which can be shared with their students and colleagues back at school.

Fifth-year biology teacher Michael Mimnaugh from Port St. Lucie High School was selected as this year’s Teacher Intern at Torrey Pines Institute with the goal of using his internship experience in a modern biomedical lab setting to help increase his student’s interest in science and to inspire students to prepare themselves for an increasingly scientific and technical workforce.

“This internship has given me a fresh perspective on biological research,” stated Mr. Mimnaugh. “As teachers, we strive to give our students these types of real world science applications. Many of my students will be very interested in knowing we have Torrey Pines Institute for research internships and potential employment right in our backyard.“

In the biology lab, Michael worked with scientific testing for addiction, analgesic effects, and motor skills. “The step-by-step process that I worked with will easily allow me to reinforce the scientific process with my students in the coming years.”

Torrey Pines Institute also hosted 13 student interns in biology, chemistry, computational chemistry, engineering and mathematics during the Student Summer Internship Program.

For more information regarding internships at Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, visit http://www.tpims.org/florida-outreach or inquire by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .