Torrey Pines Institute Hosts Three Japanese Students from Hoshi University

Japanese Students  from Hoshi University

Port St. Lucie – August 29, 2016

Three undergraduate students from Professor Minoru Narita’s Laboratory in Hoshi University, Japan visited TPIMS for two week student internships from August 10th to August 24th. This visiting student internship program was sponsored by the Hoshi University and Professor Narita’s Lab in order for their students to obtain valuable experience abroad in an internationally recognized laboratory.

During the students’ time with TPIMS, they participated in Dr. Lawrence Toll’s lab and worked with his team to learn about his ongoing research in pain and drug addiction. They also, by assisting Dr. Toll’s team members, obtained practical experience in pain behavior experiments and behavioral pharmacological experiments for the chronic pain and drug addiction studies. Hoshi University is a private pharmacy school consisting of undergraduate and graduate programs in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Professor Narita is an internationally recognized scientist in neuroscience researches, especially in pain and drug addictions. His laboratory consists of about 150 people and is conducting a number of research topics including chronic pain, psychiatric disorders, drug addiction, cancer and aging.

Standing from left to right: Masako Nagai, Reona Asano, and Yoshitaka Iwayama